Wednesday, June 25, 2008

To blog, or not to blog...

That is the question! My apologies to Bill Shakespeare, if he could roll over in his grave right now I'm sure he would after that brutal misuse of classic literature.

Blogging has been a growing sport for a couple of years now. I remember when the high school group of our church announced their new blog and my then freshman son said, "Yeah, I don't get it." "Why would we blog if we can IM or text?" I've recently heard someone call it MySpace for grown-ups. I've perused a couple of friends' blogs over the last year, but never thought it was for me. After all, who has time for that? And even if I did, why would anybody be interested in my ramblings?

As of late, I've had a couple of my walking friends join the blogging world. They are completely hooked and certain that I need to join in. Couldn't we just go on a longer walk? For one of my friends I think blogging is the equivalent to scrap booking. She's able to show off the latest photos of her adorable new baby and keep everyone up to date on the happenings in their household. Four incomplete scrapbooks sit in a basket by my fireplace (where was blogging when my kids were infants?)

Due to their blogging and talks of blogging, my curiosity has been peaked and I've begun checking out theirs and others blogs pretty frequently. Each time I'm reading blogs my kids will say, "Mom, you should start a blog". Not convinced, I reply, "What would I blog about?" My oldest proclaims loudly, "Oh, I know what you'd blog about and I think you do too!" I might know what he's referring to, but I guess we'll just have to see.

So, all of that to say, that I guess I'm going to try this. Still don't know if I have the time, but since I've had to put a moratorium on my eBay shopping, maybe this will be a good replacement.


Jennie said...

Welcome friend!!!!!!
YEAH!!! You have come over to our will LOVE it!!!!

alison said...

i having trouble with the blogging rhyming with jogging -- couldn't you call it blocking or wogging??

Anonymous said...

you are funny. i relate to the blogging-because-i-stink-at-scrapbooking camp. do you know about blurb? it's a website that will take your blog and print it out in full color as a scrapbook. i plan on doing this and know that it will make me feel so accomplished.

i'm glad you're blogging, and i look forward to stopping by. i can tell i'm going to appreciate your humor.

Anonymous said...

OMG! Someone my age has a blog..?! I am so excited. Can't wait to begin getting a glimpse into your head.