Friday, June 27, 2008

Jelly Fish!!!

My oldest son was meeting friends at Newport Beach today, so I decided to take the rest of the gang for lunch while we were down there. After scouring my Entertainment Book for a lunchtime deal, we ended up at Woody's Wharf.

We sat in the outside patio area which is actually kind of inside as it is covered with a tarp and has Plexiglas sides. Sitting dockside, we were loving our view of Newport Bay and enjoyed watching the boats go by. Almost simultaneously, Mack and I noticed that there were several jelly fish floating about in the waters below us. We couldn't believe it! I'm not kidding, if there was one, there were twenty. They were all different sizes, but looked just like the ones pictured above. I really wished that we'd had a camera with us, although I'm not sure they would've photographed well.

We were fascinated watching them and could have done so for hours. We realized that we'd seen plenty of jelly fish at aquariums or washed up on the shore, but never actually swimming in the ocean. Our vantage point was incredible and we continued to watch them throughout our entire lunch, which BTW was outstanding.

My kids and I were so thankful to have witnessed that part of God's creation. I mean, who would think that something that requires you to urinate on yourself when stung would be so amazingly beautiful and graceful!


Jennie said...

Better to pee on yourself then on your husband of 3 days on your honeymoon!

Anonymous said...

classic Cheri Sains...
a beautiful observation of nature with a
pee-pee twist. I love it!
P.S. I bet the W family honeymoon story is one worth hearing...