Saturday, June 28, 2008

A Strong Walker

The other morning, my friend and I were walking the hills of Cowan Heights and Peter's Canyon. As we were striding our way up a particularly steep hill we saw a woman out with her dog. Before we had a chance to acknowledge her, she remarked, "WOW, you are strong walkers." Between breaths we sputtered some form of response that made little or no sense. The type you wish you could go back and do again, but realize it really doesn't matter.

Her comment has continued to resonate in my head. I find it interesting that this woman had so quickly surmised what I was. I have walked and completed approximately 10 half-marathons in the last couple of years and have had difficulty defining my form of walking to those who’ve inquired. I know that I am a fast walker. I am possibly a power walker. I am NOT a race walker as indicated in the video below.

I like the term strong walker. I’d like to see myself defined that way not only physically, but spiritually. I have been a believer and follower of Christ for about 25 years. Trials come and go and at times it’s down right hard to persevere. Through it all, my faith remains strong. My desire is that the strength of my spiritual walk would be as apparent to others as my physical walk.

I LOVE my walking hobby. The opportunity to explore miles of God’s creation; the physical exhilaration, and sense of accomplishment when I’ve completed a race are phenomenal. However, the part I am most thankful for is sharing it with a group of women who are all strong walkers; physically and spiritually.


Jennie said...

Glad your walking friends can be such a great support! I love being a walking friend!!!!!

The Mehaffeys said...

If you are a strong walker does that mean I am a weak walker-- or more likely a moderate walker?

Jennie said...

Great choice of backgrounds...this was mine for about 3 days...I LOVE changing them to fit my mood!!!

Chris said...

I also like the strong walker description! I'll try to do both kinds of walking in a stronger way!

kru clan said...

after seeing you on the road yesterday, i have to are a strong walker...and speedy!:)
it was fun to see you on the road!